You are your own obstacle ~


Clay Pots

img_1227The clay pots are empty
and red in the sun.
Waiting for grains of rice,
to fall one by one.

The yard is thriving
with cousins from afar.
A welcome is played loud
with fruits from the bazaar.

The clay pots are full
of rice and cooked crops.
Hands of the mothers in the kitchen
working at the clock.

Tiled floors are warm
so walk barefoot.
Skip, run, dance,
and dance no more than you should.

The clay pots are empty
now that the sky is pink.
The clay pots are washed
and dried
and put away under the sink.

Moon River

Moon river, wider than a mile
I’m crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting, round the bend
My Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me

 – There’s nothing else to look forward to except the long, winding, Summer days and the company of a well, red watermelon.

Dawn In The Plains

The fiery sun kissed the emerald peaks of the barely, grassy savanna as another world started to awaken in the dim. Beams of golden rays emerged from in between the verdant plains whilst streaks of fierce oranges and reds skimmed the morning sky above. An infinite expanse so broad to an extent where it limits the human mind to knowledge far beyond. What it may hold in the depths of its blissful cotton clouds, we may never know. A good morning where only birds of music sang away with the African melody in the slightly breezed air. Gently and calm, it rose. Elegant. Filling up the mandarin heavens placed overhead. Sweet songs of the winged creatures helped the glorious bask to rise. Black silhouettes of the African Acacia tree transformed into the most beautiful shades of fern, each leaf with it’s own set of unique display of veins. The colours of the wind brought life to every living organism slumbering in the now, quiet savanna. The strands of lush green grass danced with the tepid breath of the skies as the fading crimson transformed into 10 shades of terrific teal. So beautiful as the voices of the tribes far away enlightened the dawning atmosphere as life in the Savanna started to awaken.
The staggering legs of the baby Impala helped it to rise up to the sun, it’s tiny hooves now familiar to these dry grounds. A beautiful creature furnished with dusky red and strands of dirty white racing stripes. Her siblings followed. Together formed in a perfect line, they galloped marvelously across the prodigious plains and leaped. Like swooping cinnamon swans, they soared into the warm air and landed gracefully on their hooves, not diminishing their royal-like posture. Lion cubs nestled in their mothers protection opened their bronze-gilded eyes, ready to take on the big world. On all fours, they stumbled towards the pack, playfully fighting and the shout of their king halted them. Rhinos breaking their sweet slumber and twitching their steel-sheathed eyelids as birds of unfamiliar colours perched upon their arched backs. And from the smallest dung-beetle to the elder, elephant, the grassy plains started to regain it’s liveliness. The beauty within created the beauty outside. The view. So quick. The way the sun ascended up into the skies of Africa. Finally dawn had arrived. It was a new beginning.

Your Feed

The rooms are lit and yesterday was Eid;
an array of beautified faces on my instagram feed
I may not like or love what I see
The eyes, the lies, and supposedly the sighs
of the privileged who are free with greed

Though it may be colourful but no gratitude is shown
Attitude with latitude is a right of our own
I get it, it’s just a little bit of fun to the hims and the hers
But is it not tiring year after year?
So make it appear,
the thing we’ve been so very longing to feel;
the other side of the exhilarating camera lens deal

And we learn from what each person has to offer
An aspect and nothing more,
more than just a face, a full plate, a full plate of hate.
Our own doors

I wrote this nearly a month ago and felt like it didn’t make sense but I figured why not finish it off and well, yeah. Its how you decide to interpret it 


She sat on the edge of the deserted porch. The scorching sun kissed where her skin was bare. Open to the glorious bask, she was wondering about life. What is life? Is it a lesson? Is it a game? Is it all a machine where a large nation stands upon the shoulders of those who slave away to make goods? All these questions pondered her thoughts. She was oblivious. She closed her eyes and let herself be free. Away from the scattered trees and she can imagine herself, flying with the Blue Bird. Soaring through the great teal expansion above. No care in the world.


Recently I have started to take an interest in illustrating. However in a different style – I choose to not include facial features. Our expression is the biggest form of language and is vital to read one’s feelings. I don’t know why but I prefer to just not include it. I like diversity and people living as one. I hope to one day invest more into my ‘doodles’ and maybe develop them more. I’m very limited to the tools I use but my mind has no boundaries and with that I can achieve anything, In Shaa Allah.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

Cherry Moon

I don’t really know what else to name it. I came across an image on pinterest and immediately fell in love with the mixture of deep, pink petals against a dark, blue canvas. I came across the image of a mountain bathing under the moons light whilst the trees covered it’s prospering beauty. I had to recreate it – on a very cheap canvas from Home Bargains (yes).
I feel so at peace especially with a scenery like this. It’s from my viewpoint. I could be on a mountain or maybe on a camel that is trekking the side of that mountain. You choose what to see and I choose to see this.


photo (15)

© nurunnahar 2015. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.


I try to aspire to comfort and modesty. It’s what I love and it is what I find happiness in. It is also encouraged by my religion; Islam. We all have our looks, our everyday hooks. We all have our lipsticks and mascara brushes and foundation and bronze blushes. I never found haven in make up. It’s not that I don’t just need it, I just choose not to wear it. I choose not to do my eyebrows because I am perfectly fine with the way they are. I don’t need it to be on, let’s say ‘fleek’, because I don’t choose to live by the laws of beauty.
I mean if you look good you feel good. But I’m sure one can look good without all the cosmetic procedures and hacks. No one is better than anyone. One who wears make up and dresses in the most recent fabrics is no higher than one who doesn’t and vice versa.
The purpose of this post is to portray that we shouldn’t invest into the so called rules of beauty today. You don’t have to do your eyebrows if you don’t want to, you don’t have to wear simple cloths to appear modest. It’s the character.

Our character lasts forever.
It’s the way we treat people and living things. How we deal with the happiest and saddest of consequences. How we approach matters and see the world and it’s cultures and it’s religions. That my friend is what makes someone beautiful.